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30 day challenge - Day 3

ATLA/TLOK- Least Favorite Character:

In ATLA, it is probably - aside from the bad guys - Suki. Despite the fact she ends up with Sokka I still don’t feel like I really know any of her traits or characteristics. Also, it is hard to get over Yue (Yue Bay) because she was so awesome giving her life for her people. I like her, its just she isn’t as deeply explored as all the others.

AVATAR FACT: Seychelle Gabriel (pictured) is the voice of Asami as well. Although you probably knew that… -.-

There are very few unlikable characters, which is merit to the writers, who create well-rounded and believable people. However, clearly there are people that you are supposed to dislike. In “The Legend of Korra”, I hated Tarrlok - along with 99% of the fandom - until he lost his bending, but I will still say him. He makes me feel like this:

Pokemon - Favorite Male Character: Samuel Oak. He’s omnipresent across games and several anime series and films, and has an awesome voice.

Zelda - The Place You Would Live: Skyloft is so colorful and flying would be cool, so I’d pick that.

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